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Detailing and Polishing

We offer all levels of paint correction and polishing. If the paint on your vessel has been applied badly in the past or has warn and faded, we can do either a stage 1, 2 or 3 stage polish


Stage 1 is deep clean to remove any contaminates and a light polish applied with an electric random orbital polisher. This will remove any surface dirt, grime and correct minor defects such as light swirl marks. The overall appearance will be cleaner and shinier.


Stage 2 is suited to boats with moderate to light swirl marks and light scratches and involves using two different polish and pad combinations, the first step is a cutting (abrasive) polish, to remove paint imperfections then is followed by a stage one finishing polish.


Stage 3 is full paint correction, this involves lightly wetsanding the paintwork with a fine grade of sandpaper to ensure the surface is completely flat and all defects such as scratches, dust and orange peel are removed. It then has stage 2 and 1.

dettaglio background.jpg