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Redshift fast 40+ respray

  I resprayed Redshift (previously Jubilee fast 40+) with Aplha Plus UK early 2019.

  It had some cracking along the sheer which first had to be addressed, it was then faired and primed with Durepox white. Other than the cracking, the hull was in very good shape and needed minimal filling.

  The curved line that divides the red and grey then had to be applied, this was a tedious process of combining curved templates and a little bit of freestyling, until the desired shape was achieved, the shape was then tranferred to the other side.

  The deck and grey part of the topside was then masked off and the hull was sprayed sheer to sheer with 8 coats of durepox red, the masking was then flipped and the grey was painted with an AWLGRIP SE grey basecoat followed by AWLCRAFT 2000 clearcoat.

  Next the waterline was put on and everything above it was prepped for the final clearcoat, this meant that the join between the red and grey was seamless.

  After the entire topside had been clear coated, the Durepox red bottom was then wet sanded to P1500 and polished, giving it a hardwearing race  finish that matched the red of the topsides.

  The non-skid was also done in a two-tone colour scheme with Durepox red on the bow and ALWCRAFT G-line Matterhorn white on the rest of the deck.

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