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 With more than 15 years experience in the marine painting and finishing industry, working on everything from fishing boats, to performance race yachts and superyachts.


Originally from a painting and finishing background, but in recent years seeing the incredibly good finish that can be achieved in the automotive sector with products such as ceramic coating and PPF we have explored this in more detail for the marine industry, taking the finish that can be achieved to and even higher level.


Using new products and professional training we can deliver services to the highest of standards.


About Dettaglio




  I started out working in the local boat yard doing everything from boatbuilding, to fit outs. I found my passion was for painting and went on to work for many high end yacht company's such as Wally Yachts, Lurssen and Persico marineFrom there I have built an experienced team and company.


I have been trained and approved Marineware for professional application of AWLGRIP,  International, and many other marine coatings.
I have trained with Ceramic Pro at their head office in London and am a partnered with them as a certified ceramic pro applicator.


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