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We understand that every boat is different, especially when it come to your choice in antifoul. Some people are looking to protection, some for speed and others for longevity. the location and usage of the boat are also factors in which antifouling system is right for you.

Soft Antifouling

Soft antifouling also known as Eroding Antifouling by slowly releasing biocide, this also slowly falls off of the boat as things grow on it.

Hard Antifouling

Hard antifouling is similar to soft antifouling in the sense that it also releases biocide to deter or kill any growth on it. The advantage to Hard antifouling is that it is sprayed on and can even be wetsanded to achieve a much smother finish. Perfect for if you want to maintain the speed of your boat without leaving it exposed to growth.


Durepox is a 2-pack epoxy urethane primer which is very hardwearing and car be used under the waterline. Although a Primer, it can be applied without a topcoat over it and instead wetsanded and polished to a gloss like finish, this is more suited to boats that are not left in the water for long periods of time and are looking for a hardwearing race finish which can then be waxed or ceramic coated


Copper coating

Coppercoat is the one most durable and long lasting anti-foul coating available. A single treatment of this water-based and VOC-free resin commonly provides a high level of fouling protection for a decade or more.  By using Coppercoat , owners save the time and expense of the repainting associated with traditional anti-fouls.

Ceramic coating

Ceramic Pro Marine is the ultimate combination of protection and speed. It is applied to a perfect smooth surface of either gloss, durepox or gelcoat, growth is unable to grip to the smooth finish, and is easily wiped off without any harsh chemicals or scrubbing, allowing to you keep the bottom of your boat looking brand new for up to 5 years.

 It has also tested and proven to provide 3.3% drag reduction, resulting in increased top speed. This is prefect for dry sailed boats or smaller craft tat live on a trailer. 


dettaglio background.jpg
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