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Spectre Fair and paint

  Spectre was built at Persico Marine in Italy as a frers design 60ft day racer. Due to the nature of the design, the boat had to have the finish inside and out of a high end cruising yacht while still keeping it as light as possible for racing purpose this meant it had to be fully faired and painted inside and out.

  The carbon fibre hull was first painted with Awlgrip hullguard to seal and protect the fibres, the hull was then painted with AWLGRIP highbuild and faired back with 2 man sanding boards to reveal any low points and fills. Once it had been filled and faired, it was primed with AWLGRIP 545 and then glossed with AWLGRIP 2000.

  The interior had to have quite a lot of filling to make any radiuses smooth and then AWLCRAFT 545 was rolled on to fill the weave of the carbon, it was then all sanded back and sprayed again with AWLGRIP 545.

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