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Tschuss fast 40+ respray

  I resprayed Tschuss (previously INVICTUS fast 40+) with Aplha Plus UK  late 2018.

  The entire hull was fully re-faired with longboards, the topsides were first coated with Durepox black primer and then had 5 coats of Nemo clear coat over the top to give the black more depth. They were then polished, to give the mirror finish that can be seen in the photos.

  The bottom was coated in Durepox black primer and then wet sanded and polished to give a gloss like appearance when wet and make the join look seamless between the topsides.

  The cockpit was painted in Awlcraft 2000 Matterhorn White and the non-skid was done in Awlcraft G-line Matterhorn white to match.

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