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41m Rossi Navi
'Lady in Blue'

LADY IN BLUE is a 41m luxury motor super yacht built in 1999, refitted in 2013 by Rossi Navi. It had been sat for nearly 2 years before it brought by its current owner so had fallen into a pretty bad state. We gave the entire boat a deep clean, removing all dirt and grime that had built up over the years. The teak was cleaned and the metalwork polished. the topsides had a 2 stage compound and polish to restore them to their former colour. The boat was lifted briefly to have more antifoam applied and propspeed to be applied the propellors.

 There was a lot more than we would of liked to do to get this beautiful yacht back to looking how it should, but unfortunately the timescale did not allow us.

We look forward to doing more work on her in the future.

This boat is available to charter though

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