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Ceramic pro can be applied to any part of the boat, protecting not only the hull and deck, but also anything else that you may want to add protection to such as sails, sail drives, glass and metalwork.

Ceramic Pro certified installer, this product is for proffesional use only and can not be brought by the public.

Ceramic pro has been tested and proven to have 9H hardness rating, making it the strongest and most durable on the market.

9H Hardness

With UV inhibiting properties the entire vessel is protected against the sun's harsh rays, keeping the boat looking new.

Oxidatioin Barrier

Ceramic Pro starts with a penetrating foundation that build up to create a protective layer that seals whatever it is applied to.

Dock rash resistant

Ceramic Pro reduces the surface tension of gelcoat or paintwork allowing fender barks and dock rubs to be easily removed without chemicals.

UV Resistance


EDIT9H Certified.png

Superior Gloss

Ceramic Pro visually enhances the vessels surface by adding deep gloss and shine.

Drag reduction


The coating's protective layer allows dirt and contaminats to be easily washed off without harsh chemicals.

The marine line is tested and proven to provide 3.3% drag reduction, resulting in increased top speed and decreased fuel consumption.

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